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All throughout my childhood I was always drawn to the arts. I dabbled in everything from painting to sculpture, but the one I always came back to was photography. As a child I spent more time setting my toys up in scenes and photographing them than I actually spent playing with them. I remember one summer in particular where I used a pile of sand leftover from renovations to recreate scenes from my favorite movie: Jurassic Park. Granted, I hadn’t quite mastered the technical side of photography at the ripe age of 7 but I still loved it.That love never subsided.

I eventually progressed from plastic and began photographing people and animals. I’ve never looked back. I’m not certain of anything in my life except that I know photography will play an important role. Ultimately I would like to become a professor of photography after graduate school and freelancing. But no matter how old I become I still feel like the little girl posing toy dinosaurs in a jungle of twigs and grass.

-Amelia Beamish